Flamsteed Astronomy Society


January 2008

After months of having meetings clouded-out, the Flamsteed achieved a successful ‘double’ at Blackheath toward the end of January.

The regular monthly get-together at the Hare & Billet on the Monday, January 21 was an observing wash-out but a social success when Deborah introduced a new ‘honorary member’ Eric (see pictures below).

On the Thursday, January 24 we managed at last to meet with journalist Jennifer Cox, and stage an excellent short observing session on one of the clearest evenings seen for many months.  About 15 Flamsteed members came along with 2 or 3 scopes and miscellaneous sets of binoculars and were treated to good views (for Blackheath) of the Moon, Mars, Saturn, the Pleiades, and the Orion nebula.   Jennifer has been planning to meet the Flamsteed for months to write about us in her column in ‘Metro’.  It was a pleasure and great relief that we finally managed to get her free evening to coincide with clear weather!


The Flamsteed group on Blackheath, Jan 24

(pic: Pat Wainwright)

The Moon from Blackheath — Jan 24

(pic: Pat Wainwright)

The Moon & Saturn over All Saints Blackheath

Hare & Billet Pond in foreground

(pic: Pat Wainwright)

Deborah introduces ‘Eric’ to the Flamsteed —

Eric is a compact yet versatile reflector, 76mm aperture, mag x30.  Eric believes in world peace, admires the 200-inch at Mt Palomar, and wants to travel when he grows up.

(pic: Gil Newnham)