Flamsteed Astronomy Society

Books for Sale !!

December 6, 2004

photo Ian McDowell

Almost 50 members and guests came to the first FAS Book Sale held on December 6, 2004. Over 170 books were being offered, many of them new or almost-new, at an average price of just over 3. Members enjoyed browsing the tables and snapped up over 95 books from the selection of astronomy, popular science, history, and a few others! Record purchase was by a member of the ROG astronomy team (who shall remain nameless) who scored five bags of books! Cymry am Byth!! The offerings spurred several topics of conversation until it was time for the lecture by Guy Hurst. Just over 50 astronomy & popular science books remained unsold and will be listed here for browsing by members who missed the event, or have second-thoughts!

Mike Dryland

photo Ian McDowell

photo Ian McDowell

photo Mike Dryland