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Partial Solar Eclipse

October 3, 2005

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“We thought we’d had it …”

With maximum obscuration forecast at 10:01, there we were at 09:55 all dressed up and nowhere to go!  The Observatory staff and several members of the Flamsteed had slaved since dawn (well, 8 am anyway) to set-up a fine array of telescopes and solarscope projectors so that visitors could watch the eclipse safely.    Greenwich was totally clouded-out.  We could see the border line of the clouds.  John Griffith’s garden in Grove Park 2 miles to the south, was allegedly bathed in sunshine, and there we were deep in the doody

Parties of kids were arriving from schools all over the place.  Nothing to see.

At 9:45 Peter declared he’d had enough and packed-up.   We knew that would do the trick ...

Mike Dryland’s eclipse gallery

All dressed up and nowhere to go ...

Glum !

9:50 am and Greenwich is clouded-out

NMM Director Roy Clare

ROG Superstar John Griffiths

Robert Massey plays for time on Radio 5 Live!

Aren’t they gorgeous?