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Flamsteed ‘Evenings with the Stars’ with the 28-inch refractor — 2008/9

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The 2008/9 season of Flamsteed ‘Evenings with the Stars’ got off to a great start.  The first two evenings (Nov 11 and Dec 9) were both very clear. 

The Society holds viewing sessions with the ROG 28-inch Great Equatorial refracting telescope about once a month following the public events. 

Jeremy Rosie and Tony Sizer took the pictures in this spread which gives an excellent impression of the sessions.

The Onion Dome of the 28-in looms over the ROG in front of a dramatic sky.  The clouds soon cleared.  [Pic: Jeremy Rosie]

The Moon through the 28-in refractor — craters Aristarchus and Herodotus

2008 Dec 9  [Pic: Jeremy Rosie]

The 28-inch Great Equatorial refractor   [Pics: Jeremy Rosie]

Uranus and two moons seen through the 28-inch — 2008 Nov 11 

[Pic: Tony Sizer]