Flamsteed Astronomy Society

“Dawn of the Space Age” private viewing in the Peter Harrison Planetarium

 and gallery tours — August 15, 2009

To our delight Jane was able to arrange a private viewing of the show “Dawn of the Space Age” in the Peter Harrison Planetarium.  Over 60 Flamsteeders gathered rather early (at least for ladies and gentlemen of leisure) waiting at the gates for the ROG to open on a Saturday morning.  Colin Stuart very kindly got up early to run the show for us.

The show is made completely from animated CGI graphics — no real movie film at all.  Many of the scenes are just breathtaking, especially the early days of space missions.

After the show was over Jane, Eddie and Mike conducted groups on guided tours around the galleries.

A very nice morning’s excursion.


Abdeen and Jo wait for the gates to open — Abdeen doesn’t believe a word of it   [Pic: Mike Dryland]

Wish he's get on with it by Beata DiakowskaWish he's get on with it by Beata DiakowskaWish he's get on with it by Beata DiakowskaSound of his own voice by Beata DiakowskaMilling about aimlessly by Beata DiakowskaFlamsteed at the gates by Mike DrylandLaid back Society by Mike DrylandLaid back Society by Mike Dryland

Laid-back Society!   The Flamsteed is a very friendly and relaxed group.  Colin Stuart at the controls

[Pics: Mike Dryland]

Show over.  Now for the milling around aimlessly.  The Flamsteed is well known for world-class milling around

[Pic: Beata Diakowska]

You don’t have to like the sound of your own voice,

but it helps!  Mike holds forth on the tour. 

“’Wish he’d get on with it”

[Pics: Beata Diakowska]