Beginners’ Guide to Telescopes

What will you pay? 

Survey of PrIces

Indicative price survey.  Scopes with GO-TO or PUSH-TO mounts up to £590

January 2011


Black -- refractors
(M) Motorised mount

Red -- Newtonian reflectors

Green -- Dobsonians

Blue -- Maks and SCTs

Price band

60 to 90mm

100 to 130mm


Over 150mm

up to £300


Meade DS2114 ATS-LNT Newt
114mm f/8.8 GO-TO (£245)





Skywatcher Explorer 130P Newt

130mm GOTO (£245)




Meade ETX-80 Refr
80mm f/8 GO-TO (£260)

Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P Newt

114mm GOTO (£260)





Skywatcher StarTravel Refr
102mm f/5 GO-TO (£276)














60 to 90mm

100 to 130mm


Over 150mm

£300 to £590

Celestron NexStar
90 f/13 Mak GO-TO (£306)

Skywatcher Skymax Mak
102mm GOTO (£336)

127mm GOTO (£408)





Celestron NexStar Newt
130 f/5 SLT GO-TO (£353)





Meade DS2130 ATS-LNT Newt
130mm f/7.7 GO-TO (£380)





Celestron NexStar
102 f/6.5 refr SLT GO-TO (£383)





Celestron NexStar
127 f/12 Mak GO-TO (£408)

Orion Skyquest XT6 Intelliscope
150mm f/8 Dob Push-to (£420)



Meade ETX90AT UHTC  Mak
90mm f/13.8 GT (£440)

Celestron NexStar 4 SE
102 f/13 Mak GO-TO (£424)


Orion Skyquest XT8 Intelliscope
203mm f/5.9 Dob Push-to (£560)






Survey is indicative only and listing does not imply recommendation or endorsement.  E&OE.  Shop around for best prices