Flamsteed Astronomy Society

The Octagon Room rocked to the sounds of Soulful Voices

Richard, Peter, and Janet sing along...  well, Janet sings along

Della and Dave grace the Tompions

King James II considers exile in France.  Charles revolves in his grave

Chris and Nicki shake a leg

“Sitting at my piano, the other day...”

“I reckon its naffin Beetlejuice”

“They’re not galaxies.  They’re motorways” — The quiz exasperates

Well...  Wren never would’a thought it.   The Octagon Room rocked to the sounds of Soulful Voices who entertained us astronomically and right royally with (some of) their excellent repertoire of soul, gospel and jazz.  Over 25 FAS members came to the Christmas party on December 13, having to struggle through traffic mayhem on Blackheath on the way.   Much good cheer was consumed, together with appropriately pre-packaged Christmas fare, all of course properly disposed-of later, according to health & safety regulations!   What a piece of work is man.  

Just when nobody wanted it, Mike started the quiz rolling and reduced the proceedings to stunned silence.  Maybe some of the questions were a bit stiff...  and there were probably too many...  Ah well.  You can’t win em all.  Death threats on postcards please, to...  Congratulations to the worthy winners who untangled some of the more cryptic clues.

An excellent time was had by all.  Many thanks to Robert for the kind words, and Linn and Jane for all the hard work.  God bless us, every one!

Mike D



FAS Christmas Party

December 13, 2004