Flamsteed Astronomy Society

Flamsteed Xmas Party

December 5, 2005

Soulful Voices (photo Mike Dryland)NMM Deputy Director Kristen Lippincott (photo Mike Dryland)Soulful Voices (photo Mike Dryland)Flamsteed Society donation to the ROG Time & Space Universal Appeal.  L to R Lin Potter, Eddie Yeadon, Kristen Lippincott, Polly Larner (photo Mike Dryland)Soulful Voices (photo Mike Dryland)

The Society held its Xmas bash on the Upper Deck in the beautiful surroundings of Neptune Court at the NMM.  Once again we were delighted to be entertained by Soulful Voices who gave us a treat of excellent soul, blues, and seasonal music.

Chair Lin Potter began proceedings by presenting a donation from the Society to the ROG’s Time & Space Universal Appeal.  NMM Deputy Director Kristen Lippincott graciously accepted the cheque and was lavish in her praise for the Society’s many contributions to the work of the ROG and NMM including the solar viewing sessions.  Kristen took particular pains to promise that the donation would be used specifically to enhance the astronomy efforts at the ROG and not be lost in the tide of general expenditure on the project.

Between sets by Soulful Voices, we generally stuffed our faces on the many snacks brought along (with packaging unbroken needless to say) and quaffed wine and ale as appropriate to the occasion.  Torture for those so inclined came from the resident sadist’s seasonal quiz.  This year’s initial winner was Tony Sizer who re-donated his prize on the grounds that he is paid to know such things. God bless us, every one.

Flamsteed Chair Lin Potter (L) presents the Society’s donation to the Time & Space Universal Appeal, with left to right, Eddie Yeadon (Flamsteed Deputy Chair), Kristen Lippincott (NMM Deputy Director) and Polly Larner (Director of the Friends of the NMM)

NMM Deputy Director Kristen Lippincott was able to come along to accept the Society’s donation.

Kristen promised the donation would be used specifically for enhancements to the ROG’s astronomy work in recognition of the Society’s many contributions.

Live music was once again provided by Soulful Voices with our very own Lin.  

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