Flamsteed Astronomy Society

The Flamsteed celebrates its 10th birthday — October 16, 2009

The Flamsteed celebrated its 10th birthday in some style.  Dr Robert Massey (one of the first ever speakers 10 years ago) opened proceedings with a talk about the Moon.  Robert was followed by Eddie Yeadon & Jane Bendall who presented ‘ 10 Glorious Years — Reminiscences of the Flamsteed’s first 10’.  Then Jane invited NMM Director, Dr Kevin Fewster, to say a few words, but little did she know.  After some very supportive remarks about the Flamsteed and its contribution to the Museum, Kevin pulled a surprise and presented Jane with the painting ‘Io’ by David Redfern,

NMM Director Dr Kevin Fewster makes the presentation

to Jane Bendall

The Museum and Society presented Jane with ‘Io’ by David Redfern

Somewhat surprised!  We’d managed to keep it all a secret from Jane.

L to R: Robert Massey, Dave Redfern,

Janet Chittock, and Jane Bendall

Eddie Yeadon, former Flamsteed Chairman, presents ‘10 Glorious Years’

Dave Redfern and Jane

Bernie, Ron & Terry

Alan chats to Kevin (Hope it wasn’t about the Olympics!)

in gratitude for Jane’s 10 years of commitment to the Flamsteed as Programme and Membership Secretary.  Jane hadn’t suspected a thing!  The Society then celebrated with a glass or two of bubbly and toasted the next 10!

[Pictures: Mike Dear]

Dave Redfern is a founder member of the Flamsteed and local artist.  His work ‘Io’ is one of a series inspired by the pictures from the NASA probe Galileo.  Io resembles a pizza, which is exactly how Dave executed the work!

Veronica & Adrian